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Junior Secondary School

The objective of Junior Secondary Education is to provide the child with diverse basic knowledge and skill for entrepreneurship and educational advancement. To develop young people equip them to contribute to social development in the performance of their civic responsibilities

The child/learner is entitled to obtain the basic Education Certification after three years of studying the subjects including Mathematics, English Language, Cultural and Creative Arts, National values education, etc


Senior Secondary School

The objective of Senior Secondary Education is to provide senior secondary certificate holders with higher learning, diverse curriculum, and practical skills for economic growth, regardless of background, fostering equal opportunities and applied expertise in various fields.


Based on the recommendation of the Guidance and Counseling Unit, students are streamed into classes of Arts/Humanities, Business Studies, Science and Mathematics, Technology Departments respectively

Discover excellence at our senior secondary school, where academic rigor meets personalized guidance. Our distinguished faculty fosters a dynamic learning environment

Mrs Biinta Hassan G.

Principal, Federal Government Girl's College, Bauchi​​

Boarding House System

The school operates the Boarding House system under resident House Matrons. There are Seven House named after what we consider necessary for social living.

Girls are distributed into Houses and the House wear check material that bears the colour of their house. 


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